Our homes are an incredibly personal space of retreat, of relaxation, and inspiration.

They are where moments are created, where families and loved ones come together, and memories are made.

Great interior design, reflects our story and our journey. It takes our life experiences formed in home soil or afar, and brings it home. Whether it’s the perfect reading light for your reading nook, an inspirational art piece that reminds you of that trip to Barcelona, or a soothing colour scheme to welcome your newborn into the world.

With an irreverence for trends and ‘must-have’ pieces, we dive into the style, nuanced character, and personality of each of our clients to uncover what makes a space meaningful to them.

Using design pieces as a means to inspire joy, curate comfort, and create an intimately familiar environment, we bring homes to life with a style that’s completely unique to you.

This is The Detailed Nest.

Welcome Home.




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