To create an aesthetic that aligns with your unique idea of home, our design services range from practical advice on a small scale to a fully developed visual story that we curate throughout your home on your behalf. 

Whichever avenue fits within your scope, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your aesthetic, lifestyle, and story are captured in everything we do.


What makes a house a home? 

To us, it’s about each and every detail reflecting who you are and the life you imagine for yourself. From walking past a painting that evoke memories of your childhood, to finding the perfect dining table for those family dinners where moments will be created, it’s about designing an environment that serves as a reflection of your story.

By understanding what the idea of ‘home’ means to you, we begin to piece together how to translate your story into a living, breathing reality through considered design that evokes the emotions that make you who you are.

The journey:

  • An Initial consultation (valued at $350) to understand the scope of the project, and begin to unravel the story you want your home to tell
  • TDN will submit a proposal based on our consultation for your consideration and approval
  • We’ll develop a design scheme which can encompass all or some of the following: Paint colour scheme, kitchen & bathroom finishes, flooring, furniture (including custom made furniture), artwork selection and homeware accessories.
  • A second consultation will take place at your home to present the design scheme, and go into detail about the approach and pieces we have chosen to bring your vision to life.
  • We will also discuss the specifications and costings (S&C) of each selection.  This S&C document is presented room by room, so that you have a complete picture of what each item and room will involve.
  • Upon approval of the design scheme, TDN will coordinate all orders and deliveries on your behalf
  • Once everything has been delivered, TDN will return (with all homewares) to curate the style and complete the design process on your behalf.


Sometimes the smallest of touches can elevate your space. 

Whether you’re stuck on the perfect colour scheme, need guidance on artwork to bring a room to life, or want to restyle and repurpose your existing furnishings, our Mini Design Service is the perfect consultation to help clarify and distill your vision for your home. 

Each session will be one-on-one with our lead designer, Paula – allowing you to access a wealth of design experience for as little or as much time as you need to infuse that special something to your space. 

The journey:

TDN team will come to your home for a consultation where you can walk us through any design points that you would like to finesse, including:

  • Finalise paint colours
  • Artwork selection
  • Re-styling a room using existing furniture
  • Shopping with your designer to offer guidance

Investment: $195 first hour / $150 thereafter


You’ve got an idea. You’ve got the vision. But sometimes, all it takes to bring great design to life is a new perspective, and that’s exactly what we offer with our E-Design service.

Whether you’re designing for a home interstate or overseas, or you simply want an easier, more cost-effective way of seeing the potential your home holds, E-Design will give you all the benefits of our expertise in a more accessible way. 

Working from the detailed images and dimensions you provide, you’ll have access to our full range of design services – culminating in a full design scheme that includes furniture, accessories and a floor plan, along with itemised lists and links to every product we’ve used.

The journey:

  • Initial consultation (valued at $165 for one hour) via Facetime or Zoom to gain insight into the scope of the project, and your desires for the space
  • TDN receives detailed photos and dimensions of each of the spaces to be designed
  • You’ll receive your full design scheme with all the necessary items and shopping links, so you can begin the buying process too bring your space to life
  • We are available for a follow up call (valued at $145 for one hour), on request, if you have any questions or need guidance throughout the styling process.

Initial consultation – $165 + cost per room based on size:

  • Small room (entryways, hallways) – $295
  • Medium room (bedrooms, study) – $395
  • Large rooms (living room, dining room) – $495
Photo of vase with white flowers on a marble coffee table - white sofa in the background. Styling by The Detailed Nest interior design Sydney.

Let’s bring your vision to life.




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